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Rusty Art Proposals

Bring your magic onboard Rusty's canvas on steel and wheels

There are several ways to contribute to Rusty's canvas. 

  • Temporary art installations: either to elevate your mission or accompany ours.  See specific events below

  • Semi-permanent / Permanent installations - aesthetic and functional additions to Rusty's whimsical nature


Temporary Installations

Attach your vision to Rusty
Have an event or a purpose you want to amplify with Rusty?  We'd love to share our canvas with you.
Ideas: green room, VIP space, art exhibit, escape room
Rusty Reveals Phase I


We are looking for an immersive, all-ages installation for the back 1/2 of Rusty for our fundraising Phase 1 Reveal party of October 7.  We hope it will be a celebratory, inclusive, and possibly collaborative.  

Apply HERE

Semi/Permanent Installations

The Rusty Iris is a canvas for many artists to express themselves on.  We are looking for artists to add to the whimsical, colorful, playful appeal of Rusty.  This list is ever-expanding so please check back regularly.

Rear Mural - wanting the passer-bys of Rusty to know who she is and how to connect.  The mural should blend with the sides and display "The Rusty Iris" 

Bar - preferably the bar will be modular and easily removed yet sturdily installed.  She should be a beautiful place to cozy up - have a coffee, cocktail, or light snack.  

Front Door - the main door will be two panels opening out yet remaining in the vestibule - if you will.  A fun opportunity for expression and inviting appeal.

                                           Apply HERE
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