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The Rusty Iris is a school bus transformed into a double-decker, mobile sculpture, art exhibit and venue - designed to  unite, heal, and inspire our community by inviting people to build something beautiful together.
Rusty will have
  • 2 floors
  •  3 metal iris flower petals rising 9’ above the second floor and 3 lower ones extending over and beyond the hood ​
  • Revolving art gallery 
  • Orb shaped Lounge with DJ on top 
  • Sound system
  • Stage
  • Inspiring illumination
  • Fire
Upon completion, we set our sights on incorporating our local communities in the final expression. 
We will hire out Rusty as an event focal point in several ways: 
1. As-is:  our art and style will adorn the bus and organizers will have access to the sound system and audio-visual elements in the lounge.  
2.“Take-Overs”:  “Take-Overs” are when organizers install their own content and transform the space to suit their vision.  They will have access to wall and ceiling anchor points, sound, and audio-visual. 
3. Pro-Bono: we want Rusty to be for anyone with vision.  We aim for ½ of our events to be sponsored by collective funds.
We invite you to participate in this opportunity for a bus of one to inspire many.  
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